Faculty Development Program – ‘GURUTVA’

Teaching has become quite challenging. Teachers are expected to be both effective educators and able Researchers. Being an educator is not just about sharing knowledge; it is about making sure that learners truly integrate this Knowledge and derive learning out of it. An effective teacher is also required to remain at the frontiers of knowledge in his/her areas of subject and needs to continuously upgrade himself/herself by engaging in research.
Our Faculty Development Program – ‘GURUTVA’ is aimed at honing the teaching and research skills of prospective, new and seasoned Teachers, Researchers and Educators. With Gurutva, this group would transform into the role of a Facilitator, where they are not only able to connect with their students, but also apply the fundamental elements of Adult Learning, thus making their work more and more effective and meaningful. What more satisfaction can an educator ask for than his students becoming his disciples and treating him like a GURU!